Measure "A"

Sierra Sands Unified School District
Measure "A" Modernization

Measure A paves the way for some exciting and much needed renovations and modernizations of classrooms and facilities. Thank you so much for your support in this effort! We will be posting pictures and information related to the progress of this measure. Please check one of the school site links to the left and be sure to check back soon for updates.

Measure “A” will:

• Upgrade deteriorating plumbing systems and outdated restrooms
• Construct additional classrooms and multipurpose rooms/cafeterias and repair
   and replace roofs
• Make necessary health and safety improvements such as upgrading fire 
   alarm and communication systems
• Modernize technology by improving computer labs, renovating electrical systems,
   and providing additional computers
• Include financial audits and an independent oversight committee to ensure money
   is used only for voter approved school improvements