District Goals

Sierra Sands Unified School District
Board of Education
2014-2017 District Goals

Mission: We, the members of the Board of Education of the Sierra Sands Unified School District, are committed to providing the highest quality education in a safe environment to all K-12 students. We believe the school shares with the family, church, and community the responsibility for developing life-long  learners who are responsible, productive citizens. 

Goal 1:   Provide an academic program aligned with the Common Core State Standards that supports all students with equal opportunity for educational growth and creativity while preparing them for a productive future. 

Goal 2:   Provide district wide data systems to inform the implementation of a variety of student programs, opportunities, strategies, and targeted interventions that maximize student success. 

Goal 3:   Provide safe, drug-free, well-maintained, culturally-sensitive, and appropriately equipped schools to ensure a positive learning environment. 

Goal 4:   Provide opportunities for community input and educational advocacy through communication of goals, activities, and accomplishments in order to represent the desires and utilize the capabilities of our unique community. 

Goal 5:   Provide growth opportunities through professional development to engage all learners.  

Vision: Growing a Community of Engaged Learners Connecting to
Future Opportunities through Innovative Education Engaging All Learners