Bus Routes/Times

Attention All Parents of Students Riding the Bus for the 2016-17 School  Year  
1. The attached posted times are the estimated pick up and drop times. As we find stops that are not needed we will adjust times on those routes throughout the first 4 weeks of school. The driver will be announcing any changes to the students. Please feel free to call the Transportation Office at 
760-499-1874 if you have any questions.   

2.  If we experience delays, we will be using the autodialer system to notify you. Please make sure the school site has your correct phone/cell phone/email address for proper notification. This means your student must ride the designated route in order for you to receive notification.

3.  LATE START WEDNESDAYS: All route times listed will be delayed by thirty (30) minutes on late start Wednesdays. For example: If your normal pick up time is 6:30 AM, your late start Wednesday pick up time will be 7:00 AM. All routes will be delayed by 30 minutes.  

4.  All students must have their bus pass and be ready to show it to the bus driver. This will be needed for AM and PM loading onto the bus. 

Download the PDF of Bus Routes

For Bus Stops and Times please contact the Transportation Office at 760-499-1874