Independent Study

Sierra Sands Independent Study

Sierra Sands runs an Independent Study program for students who have a medical issue that prevents them from attending school.  A request from a doctor stating that the student should be enrolled in Independent Study due to health concerns is required to register.   

How does a student enroll in Independent Study? 
The process starts at your home school.  Once you have received the medical request, make an appointment with your counselor to discuss the student's transfer. 

What is the Sierra Sands Independent Study Distance Learning model?

Students will receive instruction through the digital curriculum program from Schools PLP. 

What is the expectation for Independent Study student learning?  

Independent Study students are expected to self-manage the time devoted to courses. A minimum of 240 minutes is required each day. All assignments have due dates and students should submit all assignments on time or risk being removed from Independent Study.  All quizzes and finals require at least a 60% passing score to continue in the course.   
How can parents monitor progress?
On the student login page to Schools PLP, check the Parent/Guardian log-in box and have your student log in to their account.

Technology/Internet Support

What if I need a learning device/Chromebook?

Contact your Supervising teacher to request a Chromebook. 

What if I need internet?

Contact Tech Support at [email protected]  to request internet support. 

What if I need help with my device or need technical support?

Email [email protected]g with questions about technology or devices. 

Canvas Platform

There is no live instruction in the Independent Study Model so there is no need to access Canvas. 

Zoom Meetings

Students in 4th through 12th will meet with their teacher for at least 1 hour per week synchronously. Tk - 3rd grade students are required to meet for one hour daily with the supervising teacher.

PLP Platform

The address for PLP The user name is the student’s ssusd email address.  Your teacher will assign the password when you register.  Once a student is logged on, the student should change the password.  All courses in which they are enrolled will appear on a “card” on the home page.  

What if I have a question about an assignment?

Contact your teacher below through email. Please see the teacher contact list below.

Independent Study Contact Information

Teacher Name



Teri Cleveland

Supervising Teacher - 11th - 12th

[email protected]

Gail Antsonsen

Supervising Teacher 6th - 10th [email protected]

Donnie Meech

Supervising Teacher TK - 5th [email protected]

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