Report Cards/Progress Reports

K-5 Elementary Standards-Based Report Cards and Progress Reports

In 2022-23, the Elementary Report Card Advisory Team, in collaboration with elementary teachers and principals, developed the standards-based elementary report card and progress report. The new report card aligns with grade-level California Common Core State Standards. Standards describe what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. A standards-based report card and progress report highlight the most important skills students need to learn in each subject. 

Students receive either a 1, 2, 3, or 4 on a proficiency scale that reports student progress toward meeting content standards. There are 4 Proficiency Scale Indicators:

Proficiency Scale


Exceeding Standards

The student consistently exceeds grade level standards. Performance is demonstrated by the ability to apply the skills with consistent accuracy, independence, and a high-level of quality.


Meeting Standards

The student consistently meets grade level standards. Performance is demonstrated by the ability to apply the skills with accuracy, independence, and quality with minimal assistance. 


Progressing Toward Standards

The student is progressing toward grade level standards. Performance varies in consistency with regard to accuracy and quality. Student requires additional practice and support. 


Not Meeting Standards

The student is not meeting grade level standards. Additional instruction, practice, and support are necessary to move toward grade level standards.

Parent/Guardian Resources: Elementary Report Cards and Progress Reports

Elementary Report Card Samples

  1. Kindergarten Report Card
  2.  1st Grade Report Card
  3.  2nd Grade Report Card
  4.  3rd Grade Report Card
  5.  4th Grade Report Card
  6.  5th Grade Report Card

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